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Memorial created 08-26-2008 by
Lori Aldrich
Phillip E Aldrich Jr
January 8 1988 - June 26 2008

Graduation photo

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile. If only we could have you back for just a little while. Then we could sit and talk again just as we used to do, you mean so very much to all of us and always will. The fact that you’re no longer here will always cause us pain but you’re forever in our hearts until we meet again. Its hard to believe its been 9 years. Happy 29th Birthday!


Phillip was born January 8th 1988 to Phillip E. Aldrich Sr. and Lorraine M. Ogilvie. 

He  was only 2 years old when he could hit a baseball pitched to him. He loved baseball as a young child. He belonged to Everett Little League for many years and played on the All Star league.

He attended Whittier Elementary K - 5th, then attended Immaculate Conception Catholic school for 6th grade. We then moved to Stanwood, WA. He then attended Arlington Middle school and High school.


Phillip and his pavement princess

Phillip enjoyed skateboarding, snowboarding and riding his dirt bike. He loved to fish, camp and work on cars. There wasn't a day that went by when he wasnt covered in grease.

He began working at 15 for Strotz Country Feed in Arlington. He was a very hard worker. Spending many weekends helping the members of the Silvana Community doing odd jobs such as yard work etc...

At the age 17 he started working on a pit crew for Travis Jacobsen- Sprint Cars. He loved it.

He spent many of his weekends watching Football and NASCAR (Jimmie Johnson & Earnhart)

 This pink Chevy was Phillip's pavement princess. His dream was to make the Chevy into a show truck.

We used to tease him prior to his High School prom that the school would have to open up the double doors in the gym to let his date in.



Phillip, Aimee and Trevor

Hey Jr.

Its Aimee. Just wanted to say that I love you and miss you terribly. You meant the world to me. You know I would have done absoutly anything for you. Trevor and I wish that we still had our older brother here. Still isn't even real. None of this is fair. You should be here. You should be moving on with your life. You had everything going for you. I guess that is what upsets me the most.

Hope you are ok up there. We sure miss you down here.

I love you Phillip.



Proud parents

We are so proud of you Phillip! It was like climbing the highest mountain for you, but you did it!!!


CLASS OF 2006!


Fishin buddies

FISHIN BUDDIES....Chris, Phillip Jr. and Kevin.




Aimee & Phillip - Pain in the Grass tour

Hey Jr.

Its Aimee. Just wanted to say that I love you and miss you terribly. You meant the world to me. You know I would have done absoutly anything for you. Trevor and I wish that we still had our older brother here. Still isn't even real. None of this is fair. You should be here. You should be moving on with your life. You had everything going for you. I guess that is what upsets me the most.

Hope you are ok up there. We sure miss you down here.

I love you Phillip.


(Can't wait to see you again.)

Trevor and Phillip at the Ice races
Phillip and pops at graduation
Phillip, grandpa and grandma at graduation
Saying goodbye to Chubbs

Phillip was saying good bye to Chubbs he had to be put down that day after being hit by a car.


Mr. Grease monkey!

Mr. Grease monkey! Phillip loved working on engines! This was his pavement princess's engine that he had removed and put back together several times.


Phillip and Ron Jr. (little cousin)

Phillip and Ron Jr. (little cousin) at their graduation party "2006" Phillip in his tux-lol.


The Tux shirt was also worn by Phillip at his prom. His sense of humor will be remembered by all of us.


Concentration was the game

Phillip was a very talented young man. Whatever he tried he could master.


Adam, Phillip and Bradley

Phillip and his cousins Adam and Bradley in Disneyland


Phillip's 18th Birthday

Phillip's 18th Birthday was a hoot. Mom had his naked butt baby picture put on his cake and we revealed it in front of all of his buddy's.


Adam, PLUTO, Phillip and Aunt Genny

Enjoying Disney Land with Adam and Aunt Genny!


Aimee, Phillip and Trevor

 On our annual trip to Aunt Mickey's and Uncle Bens, traveling through Leavenworth.


Dirt bike riding

Phillip loved to ride his dirt bike and get muddy.


Cousins together

The cousins:

Ronnie, Phil, Phillip Jr., Sammie, Trevor and Aimee.


Grandpa and his grandsons

Grandpa Aldrich and his grandsons

Phillip and dad at 8th grade graduation
Trevor, Aimee and Phillip jr.

Best Buds!

Friends: Travis, Phillip and Tall Tim




Phillip, Heather (Travis's sis) &Travis

CLASS OF 2006!


Phillip's favorite season

Halloween was one of Phillip's favorite time of the year. He enjoyed going to the pumpkin farms, carving pumpkins and trick or treating.


Phillip's 1st Birthday

Phillip hated getting his hands dirty so we had to put his hands into his cake. Boy did he get mad.

1st Day of High School
Ride'm cowboy

Flying High!

Phillip had no fear


21 st Birthday cake and party

You and Trevor always shared your birthdays. Your name was on the cake as tradition. Trevor wouldn't have it any other way!.

You are missed. It was your big 21!!


Your 1 Year Memorial

Phillips 1 year memorial...This picture shows just a few of his friends and family that attended that day. It was sunny and warm. We enjoyed volleyball, corn hole and food. At the end of the evening we lit a fire in the pit and each of us holding a candle shared memories of Phillip. Alot of tears flowed that evening.  You are missed Phillip by all who knew and loved you.


Our trip to California for Shawns wedding.

Look you were taller than your little brother then! lol...


Salmon Days 5 K run


On October 4th,2009 we walked a 5K in your honor. Our team consisted of Aimee, Martin, Aunt Shelia, Cousin Paige, Debbie Cobb, Susan Funk, Justine Carlson, Teresa Lyons, Dad and I.


Debbie trained to run the 5 k and she was successful. It was great! Next year hopefully we will all be able to run it.


We love you Phillip!

2009 Rotary Run-Crossing the finish line for you baby!


Jr. and Nicholas Karoke in Montana


Phillip having fun in his 4x4 



Phillip started with Oxycontin at age 18 and progressed to heroin at 20. He died June 26th, 2008 of a heroin overdose. On this day he spent 3.5 hours with an intake counselor at Catholic Community Services and was put on a waiting list for a bed in inpatient treatment. He was scheduled to start out-patient treatment July 2nd, 2008 as a crutch until he could get into inpatient. On June 26th right after his 3.5 hour appt. he got high one last time and it took his life.


Phillip was a graduate of Arlington High School in 2006. He attended Everett Community College to get a degree in welding. 


 Phillips passion as a young child was baseball. He started hitting baseballs thrown to him at the age of 2. At 12 years old he was on the All Star Team of North Everett as a pitcher. As he became a teen it was skateboarding, then progressed to cars and trucks.



Phillip was a natural at working on engines.  He owns a 1996 Chevy S-10 with 350hp engine in it. We named it his Pink Pavement Princess. Phillip had a dream to create his Pink Pavement Princess into a show truck, and to travel with it one day. He had completely disassembled it prior to his death to start the process. The family is hoping one day to make his dream come true.

Phillip was a Nascar fan...JIMMIE JOHNSON #48 the WINNER!


Dear Phillip,

After reading your assessment and spending a week with you prior to your death,  I know that you loved us, wanted our trust again, not to dissapoint us.  You did not intend to go like this. You had passion, goals, love and life. You were reaching out and asking for help and we just didnt know how. I am so sorry.

Im sorry that I did not seek the education and knowledge about what you were going through before it was to late. I miss you very much and it is my challenge to make sure that no other parents have to go through this grief. It is truly the most difficult thing a mother can go through.

It is amazing how you learn who your true friends and family are during this difficult time. Alot of them think we shouldn't talk about your death and others just dont talk to me anymore, I guess they are afraid...What they don't understand is how important it is for me to talk about you! I miss you Phillip and I am going to make you proud of me, just as you made me. You are my beautiful, brillant , charming and loving son. Never forgotten....I will see you again and I cant wait for your hugs and kisses....

Love, Hugs and kisses always, your mom


Phillip here is your 22nd Birthday cake and Trevors 18th. Shared as traditionally. We miss you.


Some of your friends at your 2nd memorial.


As tradition.....HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY JR and Happy 19th Birthday Trevor!


Happy 24th Jr.

As tradition your shared Birthday cake with Trevor....Happy 24th Phillip and Happy 20th Trevor.


Blaze your doggy

Since you have passed Blaze has been very protective of all of us.


Posing for the first day of school

Left to Right....Trevor, Aimee and Phillip. (on the stairs>>>but little did we know Trevor was going to be the tallest in the family) Getting ready for a first day of school. They attended Whitter Elementary which was the only public school in Sno. County that wore uniforms.

Celebrating your life....4 years
Your sisters tattoo in memory of you...
Kevin's tattoo
Hailey's tattoo
Martin's tattoo
Sami's tattoo
Travis's tattoo
Megan's tattoo

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